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 My experience of 8'3 Mob 120L 30" 
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Inscription : Jeu Sep 07, 2017 3:43 pm
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I'm not really a forum type of person but I read so much and asked people lots of questions about various boards as its impossible to test/demo all of boards that I felt I should contribute. This particular boards size/weight/shape/volume board is fairly rare. For example the Hypernut (which I did demo but did not like) goes from 7'8 30" 115L to 8' 31.5" 133L.

I am an low intermediate Sup Surfer weighing 80ks at 5’9. I have surfed an 8'9 Fanatic Allwave 32” 145L for my first year. I wanted a board which will help me progress my technique and move closer to the goal of surfing smaller boards in small to medium sized waves. I ordered the 8’3 30” 120L Gong Mob after reading reviews and speaking to Jaimie. I was split between the 7'6 and the 8'3 - in the end having tested the 7'4 HyperNut I decided I wanted a bit more length for a year or so as the HN was extremely slow to paddle. The board arrived from France to England in 5 working days which is good, the board was well packaged and communication was excellent.

Firstly what a stunning looking board and feather light! I had my first session today as soon as I had opened it. I was a bit wobbly for 30 minutes but I soon felt at home. The conditions were v.small with little power, all I can say is Wow! I took around 25 waves in 2 hrs. On my Allwave I would have taken around 10 to 15. The take off is very easy and it has surprising glide for an 8’3. It definitely helps getting your feet in the right place but it is all effortless and intuitive. I also found it a lot easier to paddle straight on this than the Allwave – maybe as this is 30” wide instead of 32”? – this definitely helps when paddling for the wave as I often found myself over turning when paddling for a wave on the Allwave and having to make a quick corrective stroke... On the wave it really felt snappy and it inspired confidence to move my feet easily. On the Allwave I felt planted and rarely moved them about. This board feels really balanced and seems to urge you to get your feet in the right place. The rails seem really thin and not bulky, I like the deck pads, the finish is superb and the fins give you the chance to play around with them. In summary I couldn’t be more happy with the board and the Gong team are super friendly and helpful!!

I will give another update when i've had a few more sessions as I benefited from similar reviews when choosing... :)

Ven Sep 08, 2017 3:10 pm
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Thanks a lot for this complete feedback Ian!


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Ven Sep 08, 2017 3:19 pm
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Ian, great that you have fun with the Mob!

The parallel rails is what reduces the row. On boards with a curved outline, small rolling movements will make the board yaw left or right. But the nose is still pulled in a bit to avoid ploughing into the chop like the very wide square noses.

The wide tail helps a lot for the takeoff, it taps more into the wave power. With the parallel rails, it makes the board less sensitive to your feet movement, so you can move on the board more easily.

The deck pad is well designed because it has different feelings underfoot on different places, so it becomes easy after some time to know where your feet are on the board without looking.


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Ven Sep 08, 2017 3:42 pm
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